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I have them on my hips and butt from puberty (I was a very lean, muscular 100lbs with stretch marks--bad genetics, I guess).

With ODS I didn't get tummy stretch marks until I was overdue (and my tummy was huge since he was almost 10lbs). I got one or two on my breasts from weight gain. Didn't end up breastfeeding past the first month, didn't get engorged.

(Eta: I did get calf stretch marks in my first pregnancy from swelling. During the first trimester. Hadn't gained a pound, either, but there they were on my calves. WTF!!)

With DS2 I got more stretch marks on my breasts, as I had a massive supply. Even got some after a year of nursing. I'm sure tummy stretch marks were added. There are a ton of "crop circles".

This time I think I've seen one or two stretch marks that look like they are fresh, but this is the first pregnancy I am not measuring several weeks ahead.
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