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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
What does the Bear like? We can't only meal plan around my B's likes! Any favorites?
Nothing green, although I keep trying. She loves pears and apples, we often do apples for snacks. She only seems to like eggs scrambled, although will usually eat a few bites from me. I think she's too on the go to want to eat much at one time. She adores cheese, peanut butter and crackers (if I sprinkle cheese on her pasta she eats it without eating the noodles.) Spaghetti sauce with noodles she likes, anything junky *rolls eyes.* Greek yogurt, she'll eat bits and pieces of practically everything.

Part of why I want to schedule her meal plan out more is that I'm worried that she doesn't like to eat much. She's approaching a year and a half, and I really want to get rid of the bottle, but I'm afraid that she doesn't eat enough to make that a feasible option.

Maybe I need to just do finger foods and let her eat at her leisure. But, if I give her a bowl of dry cheerios, raisins and such for breakfast or snack, over the course of a few hours she may eat two tablespoons or so.

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