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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Week Three:

Mon - Breakfast - Weelicious Breakfast Quesadilla (My husband will share this with B)
Lunch - Turkey, Cheese, Blueberries, steamed carrots (I brush with honey right after they come out)

Tues - Breakfast - Chobani greek yogurt, banana
Lunch - Baked beans, Cheese, Tangerine, Tortilla

Wed - Breakfast - Hard-boiled eggs, toast spread with Sunflower Seed Butter
Lunch - Silver dollar pancakes topped with cream cheese and jam, blueberries

Thurs - Breakfast - Chobani greek yogurt, pear
Lunch - Turkey, Baked Beans, Kale chips, Tangerine

Fri - Breakfast - Hard-boiled eggs, toast spread with Sunflower Seed Butter
Lunch - Chobani greek yogurt, Blueberries, steamed carrots

Sat - Breakfast - Chobani greek yogurt, banana
Lunch - Turkey, Cheese, Tangerine, steamed carrots

Sun - Breakfast - We cook a big family breakfast (omitted from shopping list)
Lunch - Odds and Ends

Snacks this week will be Weelicious Zucchini-Cheddar Bread and Poppy Seed Bread, with or without cream cheese on top. Ingredients for breads not included on shopping list.

Shopping List:
1 tub cream cheese
5 Chobani greek yogurts (3 for breakfasts, one for lunch, one extra)
1 block organic cheese (any kind you like)
1 package organic whole wheat tortillas
1 carton organic eggs
1 loaf of organic whole-wheat bread
6 bananas
1 organic Bosc pears (the Farmer's Market here has had these)
1 package (8oz) nitrate-free turkey lunchmeat (I find this at our local Sprouts/Sunflower/Henrys)
1 package organic blueberries
1 bunch kale
3 small tangerines or a box of Cuties
1 bunch organic carrots

Leftovers from previous shopping trips:
Sunflower Seed Butter

To prepare:
Baked Beans (When I make these, we eat Baked Beans as a side for dinner, this isn't just for my toddler!)

Kale chips (I use this recipe because it's easy

Steamed Carrots - I steam a few carrots cut up, then brush with honey. These can keep for a few days, I heat up in the microwave as needed
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