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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by hbee View Post
Nothing green, although I keep trying. She loves pears and apples, we often do apples for snacks. She only seems to like eggs scrambled, although will usually eat a few bites from me. I think she's too on the go to want to eat much at one time. She adores cheese, peanut butter and crackers (if I sprinkle cheese on her pasta she eats it without eating the noodles.) Spaghetti sauce with noodles she likes, anything junky *rolls eyes.* Greek yogurt, she'll eat bits and pieces of practically everything.

Part of why I want to schedule her meal plan out more is that I'm worried that she doesn't like to eat much. She's approaching a year and a half, and I really want to get rid of the bottle, but I'm afraid that she doesn't eat enough to make that a feasible option.

Maybe I need to just do finger foods and let her eat at her leisure. But, if I give her a bowl of dry cheerios, raisins and such for breakfast or snack, over the course of a few hours she may eat two tablespoons or so.
I have a grazer, too. Lunch takes like an hour over the course of sitting down two or three times. I was fighting it, but now if he says he's done, I take the bowls off the high chair, sit them on the counter, and try again one or two more times. It seems like every time I sit him in the high chair it resets him, he eats some, then is done again.

I wish I could help you. I don't necessarily have a picky eater as he likes things, but he also just wants to play all day. He's a really busy person, he doesn't seem to have time to eat

Try kale chips. For whatever reason, he LOVES them. I think it's because they are a weird texture, they are really crumbly and kind of melt in his mouth. When he's eaten all he wants he likes to crush them into dust.

If you head over to Thrifty and read that Jerky thread, I think I am going to try that with ground turkey soon and see if he will eat that. I'm going to make them bite sized so they resemble little dog treats and I'm hoping to get tiny bites of them into him during days he isn't eating so much.
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