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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Ok, here's what I have available, you ladies tell me what you think. Our regular coop that has my three hens in it is wired for electricity and we already keep a heat lamp going all the time except on the warmest of days. So we could put a second lamp out there, but the hens are in there and they seem awfully young to mix. We do have our old turkey coop. It has a house and a run and it's sitting empty. It doesn't have electricity but dh could probably run an extension cord out to it and they could have a heat lamp or two and the house and run to themselves. We do have a barn and it has electricity, but the lambs are currently occupying it and there really isn't room for the chicks, and it's a three sided shed not fully enclosed. But can have tons of lights. We also have the unheated garage, and some rabbit cages that are currently empty they could go in. But the rabbit cages have wire bottoms and I don't love that for chickens but maybe it would be ok short term. So what do you think, what's my best option? These things need to get out of my house asap.
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