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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

Was funny. For the last day when she wakes up, she says 'daddy broke' and I'm like 'daddy's not broken' and so she says 'daddy broke the swing!' and I'm like 'yeah, daddy broke the swing' (with her on his lap, btw, so big impact). And we're coming downstairs and then she says 'sometimes things happen' and I just burst out laughing. Sounded so philosophical for a 2yo. Apparently DH has been trying to teach her that and to say 'no biggie'.

Anyways... Fun fun fun

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!
So cute! One of my ds's favorite phrases is, "it happens". I about died with laughter the first time he pulled that out.

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
33 wks here, no contractions yet and so far so good with no pre-e signs anymore. My BP has been good, no protein in my urine, etc.
Great news!

Originally Posted by Southern Momma View Post
I'm new to joining in on the chat thread - my leave at work started this week so I've got some extra time now. Hope y'all don't mind me jumping in

I'm 35 weeks this week! Woohoo!!!!!!!
Of course not! Welcome!

My ds's birthday party was so much fun! I am sad that he can't grow up close to his cousins because they have such a good time. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the mfm and I am hoping he will say all looks good for a 37 week c-sec! Dh leaves Tuesday morning back to Alabama so I am hopeful that we make it to the scheduled date so he won't miss the birth.

Mom to Joey (Feb 2010) and another on the way (Apr 2013)!
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