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Re: Natural minded pediatricians? Alternate vaccine schedule?

Read the book Bad Pharma. It talks not about vaccines, but about the deception, lies, scandals, and financial incentives for drug makers to lie in the reports they provide to the Authority. It is true that vaccines work, years of evidence tell us this, but no doctor can tell you they are safe. Don't feel pressured or guilty for your choice because the industry is probably lying to you about the safety of the product they sell. If the past is any predictor of the future.
You can also listen to this to if you have time and want to feel all fired up:

I think if people expressed skepticism at ALL pharma products when rejecting vaccines doctors would not be so high-on-the-horse. There is more than enough evidence to show the industry has a policy of lying to doctors, patients, and governments. Sorry, this is sort not directly related to your question. I have been thinking about the same thing, how will I express my unwillingness to accept vaccines to the doctor who who will immediately think I am some nut-bagger.
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