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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

I deff would avoid the dust. Is it from natural wood or pressure treated? Either way though, chicks love to nibble on the small shavings. Cedar would be best for inside, but if they arn't in the home, pine is ok. I get mine for about $4 a bale. Straw or hay will be a matted up mess also. Do you have a mill close you can get a truckload of shavings from? We have a cpl and it's around $10 for the truck, one loader bucket. LOVE their stuff. The window in the truck is busted though. Is the coop large enough to section them off an area temp? I wouldn't let the hens mix with them though.

As for the egg issue. Deff what liz said. IMHO though, I'd butcher the main eater. She could have them all cracking eggs soon. It's like broodiness, contagious. I rarely hear of it being reversed and you don't know how long she has been doing it. I'm so sorry to hear that hun, what a thing to deal with now.
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