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Re: Favorite sandwich bread recipe thats easy?

Originally Posted by treegirl75 View Post
I just made this, and Oh.My.Word it's Sooo good! I didn't have any powdered milk, so I used 1/4 ap flour and used almond milk for 1/2 the liquid. I seriously could eat the whole loaf!

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I was just coming on here to say the exact same thing! This is the best I've ever had a loaf of bread turn out! I didn't have powdered milk either so I actually just left it out completely, still using the same amount of water and flour. It turned out perfect! The only other part of the recipe I didn't follow was to cool completely before slicing; I couldn't resist a warm slice of homemade bread.

ETA: All this time I had been dumping my dough onto the counter to knead by hand and didn't know if I just left it in the K.A. it would knead it for me. *shakes head* So double thank you to the one who posted the recipe!

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