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Re: how do you compete with china cheapies?

I largely agree with the others. The china diapers aren't your market so you don't have much to worry about.

When I first got interested in cloth diapering I was a "typical" mainstream Mom who wanted nothing to do with cleaning poop but I was intrigued by the cost savings. I still wanted to try it out with 6 diapers or so to see if I could put up with the poop and to see if there were many leaking problems. Remember I was only in it to save money. I could purchase 6 cool-a-babies for about $50 or 6 of just about any other brand for about $120. There was no way I was spending $120 on something that I didn't really think was going to work and I was only getting into to save money. I ended up with the cheap Chinese diaper and found that I LOVED them. I bought a few more and then a huge stash of various other brands. Now I'm even doing prefolds and covers (something I thought I would NEVER do). The coolababies don't fit my kids until they are a little older and the fleece isn't quite as luxurious but you know what? They are still going strong after two kids, in fact they've done better then some of the brands that cost 4 times the money.

For me the cheap Chinese diapers that everyone speaks so horribly about were my gateway drug into cloth diapers. Now that I know I don't mind using cloth I will spend big bucks (to me at least) on diapers and will support WAHM's as well as supporting USA made. If it weren't for those cheapie Chinese diapers I wouldn't have ventured into the cloth water at all.

The cheap Chinese diaper and the more expensive WAHM diaper are really two different markets but I don't necessarily think that the cheapie Chinese diaper detracts from the WAHM diaper I think sometimes it leads more business to them.
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