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Yikes momma!

I sewed completely through a finger (nail and all...ouch) and it jammed my machine. I was really ok at that point bc my adrenaline was through the roof. It was around 3am, and I maybe had a bit too much wine (just maybe lol) and so I was in the kitchen, and my DH was asleep at the other end of the house. I was STUCK. I had to completely disassemble my drive to get the needle out of the machine (safety feature had locked it) then I had to get up the courage the remove the needle from my finger once i was free from the machine. I had no pain until I did that....and oh my lord....after I stopped shaking it was burning so bad that I finally looked at it and the frigging thread was still through my finger....yup then more pain pulling that out. It didn't even leave a cool scar or anything, or bend the needle for that matter!!! Overall not a good night.

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