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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
I have some jarred tomato paste because I overcooked some sauce I was trying to can last year, and it turned into paste Of course, this year when I try to duplicate this on purpose I will most likely be unsuccessful. I do remember from previous shopping trips that Whole Foods was carrying a glass-jarred tomato paste that had a BPA-free lid, but I haven't purchased it in a while. My general solution for canned tomato products and BPA (if this is even why you are asking for jarred) is to not use the portion that touched the lid, and purchase the organic bulk packs at Costco.

With beans/cheese/tortillas - I just give him the beans and the chopped cheese and give him chopped tortilla pieces or strips of tortilla which he will bite. He likes to pick up beans one by one so I humor that. I was thrown what to do with the leftover nine tortillas last week as they come in twelve packs and we try to not waste food here, so I mashed up the remaining beans in a pan with a little butter (faux-refried beans?) and combined them with shredded cheese into the leftover tortillas. This made nine small burritos that I wrapped in saran, then wrapped in foil and froze for my husband to take to work for lunch when I am too lazy to prepare something for him.
Thanks for the tip on WF tomato paste. I will check next time I'm there. I have been using pomi tomatoes or tomato sauce in a jar (and just living with the BPA lid), but haven't found a tomato paste. I guess I don't use it that often so I wasn't really missing it, and would just throw in some pomi tomatoes if a recipe called for paste.

Yes, my little one (2) loves eating beans one by one too! So cute!!

Do you tend to eat the same things for lunch? Just curious! I like that weelicious site you linked. I do think I've been there before, but not long enough to take any recipes. Their graham crackers are total cuteness!! May have to try those one day.

Oh, and that's great that you are not wasting food. That's a big problem here! Do you meal plan for dinners too?
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