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Can we talk about anovulatory bleeding?

I've had AF back since Noah was about 5 1/2 months old. My periods have been pretty regular as far as cycle length goes.

My cycle length for the last few months have been:
(Feb) 24 days
(Feb) 28 days; Yep, two cd1s in one month
(Jan) 24 days
(Dec) 29 days
(Nov) 27 days

When AF surprised me a few days ago it was a very heavy flow. By day 3 it was spotting, day 4 was even less spotting. That is very short and light bleeding for me. Because of that I thought back, and determined that the previous cycle I really didn't notice EWCM as much or as often as I do on the longer cycles. I remember making a comment to myself like "No EWCM?" which leads me to think that maybe I didn't ovulate.

However, gauging by the January cycle, I had a 13 day LP. If that stands true for the other cycles, and LP is usually pretty consistent right, that means I would have ovulated-if I did-about CD11. I know that is possible for me because the cycle we conceived B I Oed on CD10 so that makes me wonder maybe I did ovulate earlier and just missed it.

What do you all think about my mess of a cycle? Thinking I could have experienced anovulatory bleeding? Maybe I'm not Oing consistently?

I have OPKs coming from Amazon, ClinicalGuard brand, they should arrive this week sometime. I figured it was best that I do a better job of pinpointing my O.
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