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Re: February Chat Thread

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
you guys i don't think its that bad. you can't expect yourselves to feel the same way about these kiddos (that you do have a great deal of affection for of course) that you essentially just met when you compare them to the children you delivered. it takes time and effort i think. i am not there with J and its distressing to me. it will be 8 months this month that he has been with us and i still don't have that kind of bond with him. i don't know if i ever will and that is scary. like ivanna said i try to respond appropriately to everything but in my heart its not the same. i feel very differently about him than i felt about our first foster daughter who we were told we were going to be able to adopt and then she went to a different adoptive family. she was MINE within the first week. i felt panicky desperation when they told me she was leaving and i don't get that feeling when there is talk of J reuniting. i love him dearly like i would love family but i know he's not mine. i think a big factor in the difference between the two is that Js mom and family is very present in our lives and dfd1 had no visits at all so it was like she was ours right away. and as much as i hate to admit it i think his behaviors contribute to our bonding too. we are having him evaled for OT/sensory.

but the big news is that the twins are being detained and they are coming here. she is being induced on the 7th at 36 weeks. mom said they are anticipating a nicu stay. i am very concerned about their health and mom is very upset that they are being detained so i am a little worried that she could take off which would be bad for her case as well as being bad for the babies continuity of care.

i am excited but i am also terrified at the thought of 2 newborns at once in addition to J and his craziness and THE LAUNDRY. the reality of going from a family of 3 to a family of 6 in just 8 short months is setting in and i'm getting a little nervous! when will i sleep? when will i grocery shop? what if i get a migraine? i'm getting BOTOX tomorrow for the headaches so really praying for some relief in that area before the twins come home. :/
Will be praying constantly....for relief from your migraines, J's behavior, easy babies, and superhuman energy levels.
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