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Re: Who got pregnant before ppaf?

my dd just turned 8 months and I havent had a period. I randomly took a test a few weeks ago bc I was gaining some weight in my belly but thought there was no way I was pregnant. sure enough 2 tests turned very positive instantly. I still have absolutely no idea how far along I am but I have an ultra sound on the 11th. with my ds my period didn't return until after I weaned. so I assumed it would be that way this time esp considering she has never slept through the night and we cosleep (which means we hardly ever get her in her crib to dtd in the first place lol) and my dd nurses throughout the night. she still has quite a few sessions during the day too and we just started solids recently. we are so surprised by this but now that we know its pretty obvious that Im showing! pretty sure we will be finding out how far I am as well as the gender at our first Dr apt.

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