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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by GreyMum View Post
Thanks for the tip on WF tomato paste. I will check next time I'm there. I have been using pomi tomatoes or tomato sauce in a jar (and just living with the BPA lid), but haven't found a tomato paste. I guess I don't use it that often so I wasn't really missing it, and would just throw in some pomi tomatoes if a recipe called for paste.

Yes, my little one (2) loves eating beans one by one too! So cute!!

Do you tend to eat the same things for lunch? Just curious! I like that weelicious site you linked. I do think I've been there before, but not long enough to take any recipes. Their graham crackers are total cuteness!! May have to try those one day.

Oh, and that's great that you are not wasting food. That's a big problem here! Do you meal plan for dinners too?
I tend to eat a more constructed version of what he is eating - if he is eating turkey and cheese with tortillas and blueberries, I will have a turkey sandwich or a roll up with the tortilla and have some blueberries with him. It's interesting you ask that though because it's hit me in the past couple of days that he eats significantly more food if I sit down with him and eat as well. I used to try to clean part of the kitchen while he was eating lunch, but this week I am going to attempt to sit down with him and eat during lunch to see if that makes a difference. I think eating is part of toddler social referencing much like anything else we do - I really think my kid eats mushrooms and thinks they are amazing because Daddy and Mommy loves mushrooms.

Yes, I meal plan for dinners. If I didn't, I would revert back to a portion of my life that I hated, where 4pm rolled around and I was staring at frozen ground beef or whatever was in my fridge and hoping something would dawn on me. Or worse, I would decide to make chicken parmesan and realize I didn't have a tomato sauce halfway through cooking. We are a happier family because I meal plan. I spend SO much less money too, and waste far less. I am not a vegetarian but I do respect that eating animals is something to show deference to, so we especially try not to waste any meat at all.
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