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Re: Anyone have a DH that was NOT considering a large family?

My DH said before we got married that he only wanted two children. He said one to replace him and one to replace me in the world. He said that our world was too overpopulated. So, anyway, we had our second child in 2010 and he said that we were done. I told him that I wasn't done. By 2011 he agreed that maybe one more would be ok, but not until 2014 when our oldest will be in Kindergarten. Accident came and we are now due with #3 in May 2013. I told him again that I am still not done and would like 4-6 kids and he disagreed. He is 12 years older than me so he would like to be finished having children. I see his point since he'll be 60 when #3 is 18 years-old. I really want an even number of children, I know I'm wierd. I have something against odd numbers. I told DH that if he truly didn't want any more children after this one that he needed to get fixed. He won't let me get fixed, cuz I want to get my Uterus burned when I am done having kids, so that I will also be done with my monthly cycle. DH says it is too permanent and says that he'll get fixed after baby is born and we are sure everything checks out ok. So, we'll see what is happens. I'm really hoping for at least #4.
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