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Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar
I've been getting frustrated by planning lunches for DS (16 months) to eat every week and have been rotating off this list for the past week. I plan to change it up next week and then we start our CSA in early March so we will plan around that. Anyways, I hope this can help someone:

Monday: Cheese, turkey, cucumbers, and blueberries
Tuesday: Black beans, cheese, tortilla, tomatoes
Wednesday: Turkey, cheese, tomatoes, avocado
Thursday: Cottage cheese, banana, piece of toast with sunflower seed butter
Friday: Turkey, black beans, tomatoes, cheese
Saturday: cottage cheese and tbsp of jam, blueberries
Sunday: Whatever is left from everything cut up

Snacks every day are a piece of banana bread or poppy seed bread with cream cheese

Shopping List:
1 block of organic cheese
1 package organic turkey lunch meat
3 organic bananas
1 container organic cottage cheese
3 small organic cucumbers
1 package organic blueberries
2 cups cooked black beans (I make in crockpot and freeze in freezable Ball jars)
1 loaf organic multigrain bread
1 jar sunflower seed butter
1 jar organic jam (type rotates)
1 package flour tortillas
1 container organic cherry tomatoes
1 organic avocado
1 container cream cheese

In addition to the above, I make:
Banana bread
Poppy seed bread

This is awesome! If you get a chance, could you please post your poppy seed bread recipe? I'm desperate for a good one!
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