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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (March 1-15)

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I've been getting anxious the past couple weeks (for some reason 32 weeks was my "holy crap it's another baby" week) about all the stuff we need to do in the house, with regards to bedrooms, to have space for Hiccup. DH wasn't getting it.
Until yesterday.
He came home from work and said "It's March." I said "Yeah". He said "That means next month is April." I said "... yeah". He said "That means it's really close to baby time. It's coming in April! Only next month!"

I told him I've known this for weeks and that's why I've been out of sorts, worrying, lol.

Other than that, though - we're doing good. Got 4 new diapers for Hiccup - arrived today Bonus, they gave me a gift of a pair of bamboo nursing pads !!
And I just bought a couple wet bags yesterday from Sarah.
There's not too much we need at all, just a few tidbits, kwim? I did order myself some new pj's (DH keeps teasing me about my Grannie nightie ) and a couple nursing bras today - those should be here next week.

Honestly, I still have moments, too, where I think "Yes, I'm pregnant. I know Hiccup is fine, kicking and moving around in there... but we're not going to actually bring home a baby... so none of the crap around here matters." I hate those moments.

I completely understand.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
You're due on my birthday

And you're due on my sister's bday
Happiness comes from within
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