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Re: Earning/Saving Extra Money ~~ March ~~ Think Spring!!

Originally Posted by Tiffanylamp View Post
I am looking to get some of my gentle used baby items sold, and have considered one of the local consignment sales, except they charge a fee to sell and then take about 40% of the sale price! It seems awfully high and I can not find anything better I have been thinking about doing ebay or craigslist, but have no experience selling on those sites, so a little nervous to try. I really would like to do it in one shot at a sale, but it just looks like a lot of work for not much return.

goodluck selling! Hope it is a success!!!
My local consignment store has a 40/60 split (me getting the 40%) but the larger seasonal kids consignment sales are better. The first one I am participating in has a base earning amount of 70% but if you add volunteer shifts the percentage increases. I did one volunteer shift so I will earn 80% but if I was able to get two shifts I would take home 90% of my sales. There is a sign up fee of $12. The second sale isn't as good and the base is 50% I believe but also increases with volunteer shifts. I figure I will take my leftovers from the first sale to the second one.

Try looking around in your area a little more or inquire about volunteering to help with the sale. I listed some clothes on CL last month and ended up selling them for next to nothing when I broke it down by price per item.
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