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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (March 1-15)

Originally Posted by Almacham View Post
oh, I had another appointment today. They did an ultrasound and the dr said that she could see a place where I might've been bleeding from? Something like the sack the baby is in is fine but there was a tear or something like that somewhere else? She was pretty vague but do any of you know what I'm talking about?
I've only had experience with SCH - subchorionic hematoma. That could be what she was seeing, or it could be something else.
An SCH is basically a pool of blood between the placenta and the uterine wall. Sometimes they will be expelled (causing bleeding) and resolved, sometimes they will be absorbed by your body (no bleeding) and resolved, and unfortunately sometimes they will get larger and cause a m/c.
For me, mine was pretty large when they saw it at 6-7 weeks on u/s. I made no changes to my activity/life (no bedrest, etc), had no further bleeding, and at our 20 week u/s it was gone. But I know that isn't always the case.
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