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Re: Have you ever severely injured yourself while crafting?

YES! Adreniline was my friend when this happened!! I felt no pain for a while. I went upstairs, calmly and quietly told my husband i got my finger with the press... he asked to see it (over the sink) I showed him and he said.... OK... we have to go to the hospital (very calmly as all 4 of our very young kids were right in the room and we didn't want to scare them)I still felt no pain but i did feel ALLL the warmth leave my face, got very dizzy and had to just sit in the middle of the kitchen floor because I thought for sure I was going to pass out or throw up... or both. It didn't start to hurt until we got to the hospital about 30 minutes after it happened. The the adrenaline ran out and it sucked!!
But its funny what you will unconsiously do for the sake of your children in various situations. My main concern was not scaring them, I was trying to act as non-chalent as possible. so as i was fighting to not pass out I was simply giving them direction on "behave while Grammy is here, help out with your little brother, just because I'm not going to be here doesn't mean you get out of doing your chores" lol! Its kinda funny to think that those were my concerns while my finger was hanging off!
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