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Re: TTC 30+ 2/22-3/22 makin' turkeys.

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
AF days late for me this month. Yeah, what seemed like an extra week of pms; I think that was great for DD DP's been traveling quite a lot for work lately, which leaves me w/ full work days, nearly an hour each way in commute, the kid, the dog, the cats, and the addition to the work she does at home most nights besides hr FT job. Since there's not enough going on, we decided to do another fresh IVF cycle this time around, too. I started meds back up yesterday & have 6:30 am monitoring appts Wed & Fri. No problem, except that I forgot that DP is out of town chaperoning a school trip Thurs & Fri, so I have to get myself & DD out at the crack of dawn & then there will be the awkwardness of having her in the exam room while they do a transvag u/s
Oh, Carrie! Good luck with your hectic week.

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
I've been lurking mostly, thanks everyone for sharing all the stories of ups and downs.

Looks like I'm out this cycle. Things were looking so promising - very clear that I conceived again, with a faint BFP and the usual signs - but then my temp hit 97.7 (coverline is 97.75) and spotting started yesterday. So it appears that even though we started 100mg oral progesterone, it isn't quite enough to stop this pattern of conception followed by AF coming almost on time.

Sigh. I was really afraid of what it'd mean if the progesterone didn't work, but now I'm mostly eager for AF to seriously arrive so we can start looking to the future.
I'm sorry for your loss and hope that the next cycle sticks. Are you going to increase the progesterone dose?

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post
16 dpo and over this. Tons of symptoms, squinters have turned to stark white tests the past 2 days. AF just show up and get this over with or tests show me a big fat pink line.
The waiting is the hardest part, I think. I hope you get your answer soon.

AFM, AF was 2 days late, but I'm now on CD 1. I guess the test on Tuesday really was just an evap. I'm starting to get really discouraged now. With DS, we got a positive test after 2 weeks of TTC, and it's now been months for us. My Dad's having surgery today, too, so I'm worried for him and am just a big ball of stress. I've even developed this weird eye-twitch over the last few days.
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