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Re: HS Weight Loss Thread- March

hi all! i've done WW in the past and had loads of success. but i've tried in the last yr and was just a miserable failure. not until after i stopped going did i find out it was due to some health issues. i got very sick w/gallbladder issues in the fall, but now I have it mostly under control. I've had to switch to a vegan diet in order to manage, but it's actually been easy and I feel so much better. starting stats...

SW 197 (in january)
CW 188
GW 160ish

I'm not really focusing on a number right now. I know that sounds insane, but with my health what it was, I really want to focus on feeling good and eating well. I have noticed that as I've changed my diet, my cravings have almost completely gone away and my self control is improved. As my diet improves, I am focusing more and more on portion control and better choices. I never made horrible choices before, but I didn't realize how sick I was until October. Had I not been so busy w/kids and other obligations, I would have paid more attention to my body and my health and what kind of choices I was making because of that.

I do find that for many of us mamas, the hardest part is just energy and lack of sleep, particularly if your LOs are still little or don't sleep through the night. For me, I have 3 LOs (8y.o., 5y.o., and 3y.o.). 2 of them are yet to sleep through the night. Add that to me working as a WAHM at night and HSing and then all the church obligations...well...tired just creeps up on ya So, I am hoping, that as God changes my season, I will have more sleep and more energy and be more healthy over all. I am looking at this as a life long process not an immediate cure
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