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Originally Posted by Steph Ed
I have a 2 door civic and put my newborn's seat behind mine (driver side) and duuuuuuuude, I was in the windshield!!! I have to switch sides before we go anywhere else. But, I digress. I would choose the Accord. I am a total Honda lover. Our civic is 11 years old has 270,000 miles and still going strong! I am a Ford fan also (our other vehicle is an F-150 I LOVE. But, if I had to choose between the two makers, it would be Honda all the way.

ETA: Sorry I don't have Feedback for seat positioning. I reread you initial post.
I'm a TOTAL Honda lover! This is my 4th one & my 3rd civic. BUT, due to financial strains, we had to get outside financing & are more limited with where we can buy & our amount. My hubby also works at a dealership, so we are able to get a better deal- used or new. They do have a civic that they just took in, just waiting to hear back for some numbers.

I went & drove a Kia Soul today too... I wish it had a bigger 'trunk' area!!

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