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Re: Best Juicer?

I really like my still works well still but the thing with holes (not sure what it's called) has dents in it now. We got it back in June. Also, I mostly juice organic carrots, but lately we've just been snacking on the carrots so the juicer hasn't gotten much use in the past few weeks! It does work fast, is a decent price on amazon ($99), but, it still takes a few minutes to set up and clean. However, we have not purchased store juice since. I'm not sure about the nutrition being lost. You lose some nutrition by juicing in the first place, IMO, though I still believe juicing occasionally and not overdoing it can have benefits since the nutrients you get enter your system even more quickly than they would with the fibre, but if you overdo it, it is a lot of concentrated sugar and that would make it not so healthy. JMO.
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