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Re: How long after water breaks...

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
why would a mw start antibiotics did you have a fever or something??? my water broke a lil early with my last 2. I'd say I started feeling cntx w/n 12 hours. I def. would not want to be on the hossy clock for that and wouldn't tell them when my water broke lol. others have gone days after water broke and baby and mom have been just fine
ditto! the only chance for infection is when you put a finger up there. gloved or not... you risk it. so the longer you stay home, the less likely you get infection and clocked for time to have a baby.
hope you stayed home till the contractions were good and hard!

I see your update. do nipple stimulation. that will work fast! it can be as strong as pitocin but its natural.
my water broke w my second baby and i didnt start labor for 18 hrs. then when it hit, it was 3 hrs

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