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Originally Posted by tibeca
Steer clear of carbs! Eat lots of protein and good fats. Remember that every time you nurse, your body releases gastric acid (which is why we feel thirsty when nursing). Eat, eat, eat.

That said, I have a friend that breastfeeding makes her lose obnoxious amounts of weight. She eats like a pound of bacon for breakfast + oatmeal with nuts and coconut oil. Then eats, literally ALL DAY LONG. Hands full of nuts. protein shakes. spoons full of coocnut oil. She now weighs just over 98 lbs despite gaining nearly 80 pounds during her pregnancy. She actually starts formula, part time, around a year for her little ones to give her body at least some break.

She is just now packing the pounds back on (her goal weight is about 125) and her little one is 14 or 15 months. Still nursing part time, but also partly on solids.
I agree! There are women who loose a lot while nursing. I gained or stayed the same. I have to stop nursing to loose.
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