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Re: Earning/Saving Extra Money ~~ March ~~ Think Spring!!

Originally Posted by Tiffanylamp View Post
I can do shifts to earn more, but dh travels for work and I don't have anyone to watch my daughter. And, I did find another consignment sale that offers 70/30 which I am thinking about signing up for. I don't know how the foot traffic is, but I really only have about 20 things to sell. And they are big/bigger items. Not clothes really as I don't mind selling them to my local once upon a child.

Good to know about the CL price issue. I think I am mostly nervous about nut jobs contacting me, or wasting a lot of time for someone who says they are coming to look at something and never showing. Just not a confident seller
The work shift I did was "advertising". They assigned me an area and I distributed flyers and informational cards to places that parents would frequent. Check out if there is a shift similar to that since it would be easy to bring your dd. I wasn't able to do any other shifts because I work part time and the shifts were either days I work or they were days that dh works and we also didn't have childcare. If they don't have "work shifts" like that you should offer and see what they say.

If you don't have a lot of clothes and mostly have bigger items they will probably do okay on CL. The only issues I have had are when I was selling kids clothes in lots. People basically wanted me to give them the clothes! I have had my share of no shows but I try to schedule people coming over at times that I would be home anyway. That way I don't get annoyed that I am waiting and have someone not show up.
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