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Re: My 4 yo excluded from a party

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post

Sure, I guess, though not after just being bummed out but when major things have happened.
But I don't throw a party for myself, DH, or the kids when things don't go our way. Not getting your own way, that's just something you gotta get used to. It's a daily occurrence in life... can't throw a party every night.
Isn't not getting invited to a party at four years old a major thing in her life, at that age?

This is all about her perspective. At four years old, that's heartbreak.

I didn't quote Melissa, but I mean going to dinner and drinks or whatnot as an enjoyable activity to pursue and take the mind out of the trench. As an adult, I enjoy quiet dinners and drinks with my husband without little people's sticky hands and whines. At four years old cake at a party is a special event to look forward to. All similar shades.
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