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I haven't been there, but I've been close. And I would've baked the cake, too, and known my daughter would've only eaten the icing, but made the whole cake anyway. My daughter never went to daycare, and this is just her first year in public school (PreK). She just turned 5. Before this year, her friends were her little brother and the kids from church, most of whom are in daycare, together. My husband is friends with Jeremy's dad, so she got invited to his party. Her best friend from church, Isabella, had a party the next weekend. At Jeremy's party, I heard kids AND adults talking about Isabella's party coming up. After 30 minutes, I'd caught on, and I was so worried that my daughter would hear them! I was worried for the exact same situation as you have right now. Thank goodness, she never heard. Or I'd be busting out the Duncan Hines! :gasp:
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