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Is a short LP a problem if you're not ttc?

I've always had a short LP, and I guess it is caused by breastfeeding. Maybe, I dunno... I was always on the pill, got pregnant right away with my first child, then i have charted in between my following two, but was always breastfeeding, so i really have no idea what my normal cycle is like. I haven't really had problems getting pregnant, even when my previous cycles have been <8 day lps. I guess the months that I fell pregnant maybe i had higher progesterone levels or just randomly got an early implanter or something.

Anyway, is it anything to worry about? I am on my 9th cycle back and my 16 month old is still BF. It's seriously annoying having a 3 week cycle. I don't want to get pregnant, but I chart to avoid and to keep track of things. Now I am wondering if I just have a short LP in general, since it doesn't really seem to be straightening out over time. Is there anything to be concerned about in terms of hormones etc?
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