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Re: kids eating all day...

Originally Posted by reneaumommy View Post
I have 4 kids ages 3.5 to 5. All day long they want to eat. They have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, bedtime snack but ask for food between meals and snacks all day. I can't let them eat when they want or the entire day will be spent dispensing food. I can't let them have free reign because they will waste too much and make huge messes. Most times I am cleaning up the previous meal and they are asking for something else to eat. They are given plenty of food and fed a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

A typical days food looks like this:
7 am breakfast: cold cereal w/ milk
9:30 am snack: cheesy eggs and 1/2 banana
noon lunch: chicken nuggets, fresh broccoli w/ ranch, 1/2 apple
2:30 pm snack: grapes and goldfish crackers
6 pm dinner: cheeseburgers on bun, green beans, fresh pineapple
7:15 pm snack: granola bar

Any ideas about how to fix this issue. When I tell them they need to wait until the next meal/snack they just nag me to death (I don't give in so it's not working just driving me over the edge. lol)

I thought about doing a picture chart each morning with the days meals/snacks so they know what is coming but I have no idea if that would help.

Other mamas with lots of kids have any solutions?
I have a 2, 3 and 6 yr old and one on the way

The last month they have all started EXACTLY what you described. What I've been doing is telling them if they don't finish their meal or snack they will not get anything else..if they do finish what they ask for and want something else a little later I give it to them but only healthy foods. I let them have all the fruit they want so even when I think they have had enough food they can always have some fruit or some carrots and celery
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