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Re: Is a short LP a problem if you're not ttc?

^WSS. The hormonal imbalances can affect all sorts of things.

I also have a short LP. Mine is typically under 6 days while nursing, then goes to around 7-8 days when I wean. I also tend to ovulate late, so I get a 28 day cycle most months. I also agree with dietary changes, but be extra careful if you don't want a surprise. My youngest is the result of changing my diet that cycle--it seriously happened that quickly. We started a Whole30 (think paleo with no added sweeteners or grains) and within the week, I not only ovulated on CD 15 (pretty much unheard of for me), but ended up pregnant. I was hoping it would help my LP, but I didn't expect it to happen so fast or change my O date.
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