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Changing table/area organization...

Okay, this may seem like a silly question...but being that I'm going to be a first time mom, I'm clueless!!!
I was curious about what everyone has on/near their changing table/changing area?? Obviously diapers, wipes, wet bags, trash, and booty sprays...but is there anything else you would suggest? I had seen one lady online had toys and books to keep baby occupied during changing, so I was just wondering what other tips experienced mamas have!
Also, we have a changing table that is completely open and I'm trying to figure out what types of baskets or other organizational things work well for others and aren't terribly annoying to have to pull out and utilize every time you change a diaper. (We have 3 cats and so we need to put things in something)

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me any suggestions you may have!
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