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Re: Would You Bother?

We have 3 cats who we are going to have a heck of a time keeping them out of Baby's room, but we are going to try to keep the door shut...I'm sure someone will find a way to sneak in at some point! (I swear, our cat that acts more like a dog is also a ninja kitty! she's so quick and sneaky! She's the "fat cat" of the house, too! lol.)

At the moment they are still allowed in the room because we do not have the mattress for the crib yet and we do not have the changing table cushion. The changing table has the super thin uncovered pad that comes with it on it at the moment and one kitty loves to sleep on it, which I'm fine with for now because that's not the one we will be keeping. Once we get those items though, we will start shutting the door to get them used to it being shut again.

For us, the REALLY hard part is going to be when the Baby is in our room for the first little bit in the cradle! At least two if not all three of the cats like to sleep in bed with us, so it'll be tough to get them out of that habit...I forsee lots of door scratching in our future : /
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