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Re: TB testing, do you really need it?

Originally Posted by Julesmom23girls
Here is a link to a waiver form that you could fill out to avoid TB testing. I don't know if you want to go to that extent or not, but it also list risk factors and other things. I hope this helps.
thank you that is very helpful. The head start home visitor came to my home today and gave me all kinds of reading material on TB. She did say it was my choice as a parent but she wasn't sure if my son could participate at the school if we chose not to do the tb test. I read through the material she gave me and I feel he is not at risk for TB, it also said in the material that it is highly unlike children can pass TB onto others, it's more common and likely for adults then children.

I am glad I am not alone in this. People always talk about non vaxin'; it's nice to know there are others who support non TB testing.

So what do I say...because it isn't a religious belief, it's just me not wanting to put him through this due to his overwelming sensory system. I have no problem getting a TB test, which they also require Parents to do if they are gonna attend fieldtrips, etc....
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