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Re: Trying to Decide Between Two Trip Options...

Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
Could mil pitch in, you buy kids tickets, and all fly? It would still probably be the same price or less that way, and less stressful.
This is actually a great idea, but we are a family of 5 and MIL's car only holds 5. Plus, she has to fit a whole summer's worth of stuff in her car since this is her return trip from wintering in TX.

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
I say road trip.

It will be warm enough you could camp along the way it usually costs me 10 to 15 a Night that way. Here a one room cabin is only 40 a Night.
This crossed my mind, too. We like to camp. I will take some time to look at it before I rule it out, but I'm not sure we have the cargo space for 7 nights of camping. And since I do most of the trip planning, once again, the vacation aspect gets completely eclisped by the amount of work it would be. If our only goal was camping and not trying to get somewhere, it would be fun.

DH and I talked about it a little more last night. We talked about shortening the trip and forgoing the sight seeing with MIL. We talked about bringing the baby, but didn't make any final decisions.
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