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Originally Posted by mollyj931 View Post

Yep, pretty much the stuff you mentioned and then these kinds of things also. I didn't use cloth with DD so I have had to make more room on the top of the dresser and in the top drawers for more supplies.

Also as a side note/tip: If you have a changing pad with a cover, put something down (like a prefold or burp cloth) before changing. After getting poop on my pretty cover and needing to wash it multiple times, I finally just took it off. It was easier to just wipe down the actual pad. This time, I'm going to try to put something down before changing.
I was gonna say something similar to this. We have these really thick squares of cloth that someone have us. We use them on top of the pad and toss them in with the diapers. Pad covers are cute, but way too much work for us.

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