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Re: Help me meal plan for a trip

Originally Posted by blesdfish View Post
DH and I are going on an anniversary getaway for the weekend and I need to meal plan. We're staying in a cabin in the woods. There's a kitchenette-micro, fridge and sink. And there's a charcoal grill outside and I'm bringing my electric griddle. There's a town 20 minutes away so we'll be eating out one dinner. Budget isn't really an issue but we don't eat "fancy" did I mention it's just the two of us?!?

We will be there from friday afternoon to Sunday mid morning.

What would you bring if it was you?

Friday dinner
Dinner (probably out)
Sunday breakfast

So far I have chicken quesadillas (grilled chicken), salsa and chips. Bacon and eggs. Burgers? He said burgers but I think they need so many ingredients(condiments, veggies, etc.). Any suggestions would be awesome!
I would have a theme, like Cita Amorosa, which roughly means "Romantic Getaway/Rendezvous," and follow that theme. You've got a great idea with the chicken quesadillas, salsa and chips. And take a couple avocados and mix with the salsa to make guacamole!
Breakfast could be a Mexican omelette with diced jalapenos or mild green chiles (you can get small cans at the store for inexpensive), or migas ( Serve with salsa and guac.
Also take onions, mushrooms and bell peppers (no refrigeration needed) and a nice size but inexpensive cut of steak marinated in a bag for a fajita lunch. It'll get the DH involved by grilling the steak! Or do a grilled steak fajita salad or taco salad with ground beef. And the next morning's breakfast? An egg scramble with the leftover meat and veggies, with some bacon. Bringing you back to the "American" diet!
No fridge required:
Avocados, onions, bell peppers, tortillas, tortilla chips, salsa (until opened).
Fridge needed:
Eggs, cheese, bacon, meat, sour cream.
I would also HIGHLY recommend a cooler stocked with ice. And a "surprise" homemade margarita mix with a couple plastic cups for maybe an impromptu picnic??
I would also recommend the fajitas for Fri dinner, and then you would have the meat grilled already for Sat lunch so you could do the quesadillas then, or the salad.

I hope this helps! My DH and I were married in Mexico and this was an idea I had for one of our anniv. that fell through.

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