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Re: How do you know when you've purged enough?

Originally Posted by passthepickles View Post
I think you just know. I have reached the point where I don't have much left to get rid of, but I have a permanent spot in my garage where goodwill things go and when something isn't being used, it goes. I am much more discriminating when it comes to bringing new things into my house or keeping things. When my kids get a "junk" toy from a friend or relative, I know that the initial excitement will wear off in a week or two and when I ask them if they have anything for Goodwill, they will inevitably hand it over. When it comes to hubby and I, we just don't bring things home anymore. We like our house the way it is and do not enjoy having to sort through clutter! If you feel like you still have too much stuff, you are probably not there yet. I have been on a minimizing kick for nearly three years and I am *just* finding the sweet spot.
That's so great that you are finally there! I have been working at this for about a year and a half, some times more than others, of course. I can't wait to be there!

To answer the OP, for me w/ dishes I want to have exactly enough for 1 day. If I don't wash after breakfast and lunch everything should be dirty by the time we're done with dinner. EVERYTHING! I'd have no small appliances that we don't use at least once a month. No storage containers that aren't used weekly (or don't have a match). The goal would be so little that it all piled up by the sink doesn't intimidate me (as it currently does). I want so little that I have to wash dishes, no excuses. (Only 1 load in the dishwasher, if you have one. I don't sadly.) That's just me.

I'm getting there with clothes even though dishes are still a struggle. For me w/ clothes, even though I try to wash a load a day (per flaylady's advice), when we are running out of things to wear I should still be able to conquer the laundry monster within a day (~6 loads max. including towels but not sheets).
I have 3 pairs of jeans (what I wear most days) no sweat pants, 2 pairs of PJ bottoms, which I wear 2-3 days before washing. I have a lot more shirts for variety & 13 summer outfits since they take up less room.
DS wears wool exclusive w/ 2 night soakers, 6 pairs of PJs, 6 pairs of seasonal woolies w/ 2 shirts each (1 sweater each for winter). He has 24 diapers. Since he's a toddler that's okay because he pees like 8 times a day max, more often 4-5 times. I am notorious for getting behind on diaper laundry. At one point we had over 100 diapers & I went like 2 weeks b/w diaper washes. I have to have so few diapers to make myself wash them.
IMO DH has way too many clothes. ~10 pairs of pants, 10 pairs of shorts, 15 shirts, 10 jackets, 15 boxers, 40 pairs of socks, 20 undershirts. Anyone wanna come over & convince him to purge?
We have 6 bath towels, 10 kitchen towels, 14 unpaper towels, 1 set of sheets, but lots of blankets & pillows.

We also have very few toys. If DS takes everything out and spreads it throughout the house. (~600 sq. ft.) & it takes me more than 10-15 minutes to put everything in it's place that's too much.

For me what's "there" is what isn't overwhelming. Also consider if everything has a place, if not you probably still have too much. Obviously don't buy more shelving or anything, that negates the idea.
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