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Re: Would You Bother?

Originally Posted by LacyHolly View Post
I have a feeling though that we will eventually, probably sooner, rather than later, allow the cats in the room. The reality is, they are going to be all over everything not in Baby's room and baby touches those things, so how is that any different? IMO.
Agreed, I can see me BFing baby in the rocking chair across the room from the changing table, kitty comes in and jumps on it, Iím not going to interrupt babies feeding just because of a little cat hair. When ever Iím not in the room, the door is firmly shut to keep them out of things with out me rite there, but I have to admit that I like having the cat in the same room with me, so banning her entirely isnít going to work. And FYI, her litter box is cleaned every day, so itís most likely a lot cleaner than what ever DH and anyone else tracks thrue my house on their shoes every single day. Note used condoms, spit out gum, and other random really disgusting things I have seen on a city street on a normal day.
Cats in particular arenít dirty, itís against their natures, but that wasnít the point of the thread. If your not a fan of cats, more power to you, Iím not a fan of all cats either, just mine. Lol
Thanks for all your ideas and responses, I feel a little better now. smiley
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