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Re: March Farm/Homesteading Chatter

Originally Posted by AJH1544 View Post
Those of you who have a milk cow, do you drink raw milk? How long does it stay good for? Does it taste different than pasteurized? How much do you get off one or two cows?
Yes, we drink it raw... It should stay good for 10 days, but we like to drink it within 5 (which always happens). The nice thing is that when it does get a little old, you can make it into something else! Yes, it tastes much different than store-bought milk... storebought seems absolutely tasteless in comparision. As far as milk, it varies per cow and per breed. 4-8 gallons.

ctj101502- I use Ricki's Ricotta recipe from their mozzerella/ricotta kit. The only thing I do differently is that I don't let it drain that much. Then I keep it in the fridge for 5-7 days and it becomes the texture of storebought. If you have it right away, the curds are a bit dryer.
Some Raising Pigs books I've read had good info in them: "Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs" and "The Complete Guide to Raising Pigs". I think you are "supposed" to have at least 2 as they grow better with a buddy. They eat grain and protein and scraps. We grow our own corn so we will grind their feed and the mix in hog forty (protein supplement). Scraps will be their bonus. How long to take to get to butchering weight (optimum being 220-240) varies per breed.

RJ6Mommy- "chick overload" sounds really cute. We will be on lamb overload soon... usually get 146 lambs... not sure if I'm ready for full swing lambing season. I think I like calving season better, as they don't seem to need as much help and supervision! Not sure if it's the same for chicks or not. We only have Cordale and Dorset sheep... I wish we could get a few more breeds, but DH says no way. haha.
How do you keep all those schedules straight? Growing up, there were 12-14 of us kids (including foster siblings) and my parents would only let us be in one thing just because of all the driving and it had to be approved by them. Thankfully, it was mostly church stuff and for the boys baseball so it was all at the same time usually. I have 4 kids who are still young, but am tempted to start that already.
How do you like the kids being in 4-H. My oldest is only 5 so he was a few years before we get there.

Okay, need to sanitize the milkers then clean up kids. They have been helping me and it's a slushy/manure mess outside so it just adds to my laundry everyday. At least they are getting the experience and work ethic training... right? right?!?!?! haha. Gotta hang onto that thought when I scrub carseats with cow crap all over them...
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