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Re: March Farm/Homesteading Chatter

Love 4-h I did it when I was a kid but it is overwhelming at times. All the meetings and extra stuff that goes with it. It would be less overwhelming if my son was not such a hardcore athlete. He plays every sport so meeting conflict. Then during baseball my other kids play to so right now we have three different teams so 5 different practices and 5 differents game times when games start. Once football season starts it is hard because football is five days a week. I have trouble doing it all because my husband is in the car business so his schedule varies and if he is not here it is me with all six kids trying to be in 4 places at once. I still have to have dinner on the table and showers done before the kids 8 oclock bedtime. If we they are not in bed 6am comes early for animal chores. I do not have any special way to keep it all organized I just remember and have it on my calander if I may forget. I just do it all for the kids and een though they do not appreciate it later on they will thank me when they are big basketball stars or become farmers someday. We tried dance once and girl scouts for the girls but it was hard if they all do not do most of the same things. It makes it easy since this small town we moved to does not have a dance studio and we just did not get back into girl scouts when we moved.
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