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Re: Just starting out

While I started part-time with my DD when she was a few weeeks old, I wasn't real serious about it til she was 6 months, same as age as your DD is now. I had a baby bjorn potty that by that age she could sit on pretty much on her own, and it was great. I think she loved being like her big sister (who she has adored pretty much since she was born!). I typically when she was real young would either just lay her down and wipe her afterward (since I was usually already sitting with her on the little potty) or hold her in sort of a cradle hold with one hand under one thigh and use the other hand to wipe, if that makes sense. Good luck, and have fun with it! I'm proud to say my DD is now 21 months old and has been in big-girl undies for over a month with minimal accidents, as well as dry at naptime (bedtime is another story!), without having to use any treats, which I did have to do with my older DD who was not ECed.
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