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Re: How many kids did you have by age 28?

Just read your first post...I had just read heading at first. Momma, you have plenty of time to have a large family. MANY families don't find that the want/desire/feel led to have a large family until they are in their late 20's. Many of them start out with just 1 or 2 thinking they will be finished, and then feel God leading them somewhere else as they approach 30 and end up with many many more children. I wouldn't worry about it. BUT, I do think it's a natural reaction to feel envious of others that have the amount of children you desire. And once you get are then envious of the mommas that have that "new" amount you desire. It's a normal feeling. And that's ok. Although I've been so blessed to have my 5 children in 6yrs., I still look at pics. or families at different events that have 6 or more (anything more than what I have) and just picture what it would be like to have "their" number and wonder if I ever will have it. (MY HUBS IS FINISHED...or so he says.)

So point was, don't get discouraged. You can't go back 8yrs. ago and make babies to account for all those years, so just focus on the years to come...because you have 10+yrs. of fertility left (God willing) and 10yrs. can produce the large family you are wanting if it's God's plans. You will get there
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