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Re: Do you keep toys "to grow into?"

I've gotten rid of most of the toys my older kids played with (so far the only thing I wish I had kept is my Tupperwear sorter toy...)

The things I have saved through multiple children are things I plan to keep for my grandkids:

Ostheimer figures (I buy these for the kids but they are really mine!!)
Lacing beads/boards
3 wooden puzzles
Vintage Fisher Price record player
Wooden blocks

The only thing I'm not sure about is our Hess Truck collection... my mom has been getting them for DS1 since he was little (I think we have 7 years worth). I hate how much space they take up and that they make noise (of course we can leave the batteries out...) but they are such cool cars! Not sure what I will do once DS2 is done with them... they would be nearly impossible to replace since there is a new one every year...
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