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Re: K-12 highschool

It is going to depend on the kid, I think, how much you like it. From all I've heard (and I was just discussing this with a mom yesterday), my oldest would have a hard time with it because there is not a lot of hands-on work in it. There tends to be a lot of reading, and it's a lot of work time. My oldest is only 7th grade, so I don't really know if it would be more work than choosing your own curriculum at home. It does give a few options kids wouldn't necessarily have otherwise. For instance, son of the mom I was speaking with yesterday is on the student counsel through k12.

I think it could be worth looking into and possibly trying for a semester or a year. You might also look into your daughter taking CLEP tests to completely skip classes. That would save money and time, but of course, she wouldn't get credit in both high school and college for that, just college.
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