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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

Firstly, big hugs. It's frustrating when you want to lose, but it's not coming off.

Originally Posted by Kätzchen View Post
Weight gain and weight loss are about calories in and calories out. It's not genetics, it's not anything else. I recommend actually counting all of your calories, carbs, sugars, and proteins for a single, average day, just for some perspective.

I also recommend eating less, as in as close to zero sugars, more fiber, and a lot more protein.

Weight loss is 90%diet, 10%exercise. Pay attention to exactly what you're eating.
I totally agree with this 100%!

Weightloss is all about what you are eating, not how much. Choose the right foods and you can eat as much as you want. I used MyFitnessPal to track what I was eating and it was really eye-opening. I also researched what foods were filling but healthy. Instead of chips, choose a handful of almonds.

When I was breastfeeding Eva, I used nursing as an excuse to eat anything I wanted. I learned that breastfeeding is NOT a substitute for healthy foods and moderate exercise.

Now, I am nursing my second child and I am down below my pre-pregnancy weight because I'm making the right food choices. I haven't started exercising yet.
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