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Originally Posted by indigo152
The lack of a mudroom in my house is finally starting to get on my nerves! We enter our house from the garage directly into our kitchen. We hang coats on a rack on the wall next to the door. Adjacent to that wall is an opening to our dining room. I have a bookcase there with fabric bins for shoe storage. At this time of year we also have winter boots congregating on the floor.
I am just tired of having coats hanging in my kitchen, and shoes in my dining room. We do have a small coat closet on the same level, but not next to the door.
I would love to hear ideas of how other people handle lack of mudrooms.
Sorry, my ignorance is showing. I've never even heard of a mudroom... People have rooms devoted just to shoe and coat storage? We just use closets or those door hanging pouch things in bedrooms. The shoes we wear daily are just by the front door or the entry way if our house has one. At night, if we aren't going o wear them the next day, they go in the bedroom. Jackets go on a hook, sweaters go in bedrooms.
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